Hiring Cross Country Movers: Benefits of Leaving it to the Pros!

Hiring Cross Country Movers: Benefits of Leaving it to the Pros!

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Whether you’re going across the street or moving across the country, the moving process is a big chore. Driving a big truck and loading appliances and furniture is heavy work, but it’s also skilled labor. Most people would do better to save money on the parts of the process they can handle, and leave the rest to trained, licensed, and insured movers.

Here are just a few reasons why hiring cross country movers is a better choice than moving yourself:


Moving is one of those jobs that takes much longer to accomplish than you might think.

There are a million details to handle when you’re moving, from turning off the utilities to changing your mailing address. If you rent a van and move yourself instead of hiring professionals, you’ll be under extreme time pressure on both ends of your move.


Think you’ll save a bundle by moving yourself? Think again.

Truck rentals cost big money, and it’s easy to exceed the terms of your rental agreement. If you can’t move out of your existing home on time, you could run afoul of the terms of your lease or purchase and sales agreement. Packing takes time, and you’ll likely have to take days off from work. You may end up paying more to move yourself than hiring cross country movers if you’re not careful.


Regular insurance isn’t sufficient for moving.

You’ll be driving a big, heavy vehicle full of valuable things. You’re not a truck driver or a mover, and you can do a great deal of damage to other people’s property as well as your own. Professional movers are skilled at loading and unloading a truck, and they are licensed and insured for much higher liability limits than you are. Your savings can evaporate in an instant if you strike a low bridge in a rental truck, or drop an expensive appliance down a stairwell.  Driving an over-sized moving truck rental isn’t for the average person.  Keeping your heavy load inside the lines for 3,000 miles is exhausting and stressful.

Personal Injury

Professional cross country movers aren’t just strongmen.

They are accustomed to handling cumbersome items without hurting themselves or others. They have better equipment, too. Remember, if you injure yourself while you’re moving, you’re not allowed to stop. If you’re seriously injured, hiring cross country movers on an emergency basis while you go to the emergency room can become your reality. That’s no way to save money.

Hiring Cross Country Movers Can Be Cheaper!

If you really want to save money on your next move, use our Free Cross Country Moving Quotes service.

You’ll get up to six competing quotes from up to 6 different pre-qualified movers.   By making the top cross country moving companies compete for your business, you always win with the cheapest rates. With the money you save, you can leave that old couch at the curb and buy a new one for your new place – one that has free delivery.


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