Cheap Cross Country Moving: 10 Awesome Tips To Make Your Move Cheaper!

Are you looking forward to your new job or opportunity but dreading the thought of packing and moving? Moving across the country can be stressful and expensive. In fact it can cost upwards of $6,500 to move a 3 bedroom home full of people and possessions. Careful planning before your move can greatly reduce your cross country moving costs.

Cheap Cross Country Moving Tips – 2018

1. Find out what your company is willing to pay.

business black cardIf you’re moving across country for work then there is a good chance the company will be willing to pay something towards your moving expenses.

If it hasn’t come up yet be sure to negotiate for some moving cost compensation.

Sometimes they will pay a percentage or a stipend at least. It never hurts to ask and it can help you out a lot if it works!

If you aren’t moving for a cool new job, its okay because you are not forgotten. Check out numbers 2-9 for some non-work related advice.

2. Choose the best time to move.

cheapest time to move

If you can be flexible and move during an off-peak time, you could save as much as 10% on your cross country move. Plan ahead and save big money!

Everyone and their brother wants to move in the summer, on weekends or the end of the month.

Moving companies might be more willing to work with you on the price or have some killer deals going to attract your business!

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3. Haul less junk across the country.

yard saleIf it’s been in a box in your basement for over a year untouched, why on earth would you pay to ship it across the country? Before you start packing is a great time to de-clutter!

If it has dust on it, you’re probably not using it enough to warrant keeping it.

You can even have a yard sale and use the money towards your moving expenses. If your furniture is old and used then consider leaving it behind or selling it. Where ever you’re moving to, they are bound to have Craigslist and you can get another used couch, no problem!

For more detailed information about how to downsize for a move, check out this great article: Decide What Items You Absolutely Have To Move

4. Gather quotes and find the cheapest rates available.

cheap cross country movers

There are a ton of  moving companies, large and small, to choose from. Get free quotes, read reviews and pick the one that seems least likely to lose all your worldly possessions for the lowest cost.

Don’t go with the first moving company you see or the one with the cutest commercial on TV.

5. Just like you were taught in Kindergarten, share!

share a moving truckIf you don’t have a lot of stuff then you might be able to share your moving truck with someone else crazy enough to be making this move.

Ask your mover or truck rental company about sharing trucks or post an ad online.

6. Time to pack – are you using new or used boxes?

moving boxesYou can save a ton of money on boxes and packing material by using hand-me-down boxes and wrapping everything in your old sheets.

Getting free moving boxes can definitely lower costs. Just be sure to pack them well!

However, keep in mind that using substandard packing supplies and flimsy boxes might cause more problems than it’s worth. For your heavier, messier or more valuable items you might want to use new sturdy boxes and proper packing materials.

For more great information about how and where to get free moving boxes, read this article here.

7. Consider packing and shipping your own valuables.

moving valuable itemsWhile we’re on the subject of valuables, consider packing and moving these items yourself instead of letting the moving company do it.

If its small and valuable or extremely sentimental, then I recommend keeping it with you.

This could save you money in the long run by reducing the risk of having to replace these items if they get damaged.  Any licensed cross country moving company will have an insurance policy to cover any losses…but some things are just irreplaceable.

8. Move yourself with family and friends.

moving with friendsIf you don’t have a whole three bedroom house to move, then you might be able to handle the whole move yourself with family and friends.

If you’re in the position to do this, then do it because it will save you a lot of money!

Borrow or rent a moving truck and hit the open road with a friend and a smile…and be ready for a memorable experience!

9. Saving on personal expenses while on the move.

sleep for cheapWhile you are moving across the country, pay special attention to your personal spending. Plan your lodging ahead of time and try to avoid filling up gas in tiny towns that price gouge.

You can easily over spend on your lodging or eating out while moving cross country. 

Pack your own cooler full of drinks and snacks to avoid the high costs at gas stations.  Try to avoid any tourist traps.  If you can find a hostel, they are usually cheaper than motels.  If you are very open-minded, young, or flat out broke-with-no-options, try to find a free place to crash for the night.  Good luck!

10. Get a little money back from Uncle Sam!

uncle samIf you’re moving across  the country for work and your office will be less than 50 miles from your new place then you might be eligible to deduct certain moving expenses come tax time!

Consult with your favorite CPA for details on how to deduct your moving costs!